For Ansible Aspirants

Ansible Training Course

Course Offerred


Course Duration

20 hours

Fees Per Course

INR 7000


The course is designed as a journey through configuring a realistic application stack from the ground up. Instead of going page-by-page through the Ansible documentation, topics are ordered to align with the growing complexity of our application as we build it up and refactor it.

Topics Covered

  1. Introduction To Ansible
  2. Course Overview
  3. Why Ansible Is Necessary And Its Benefits
  4. Who Uses Ansible
  1. Installation And Configuration Of Ansible
  2. Installation of Ansible
  3. Introduction To SSH Keys And Ansible Inventory
  4. Configuration Of Ansible Inventor
  5. Verification of Ansible Inventory
  6. YAML And Ansible Ad-Hoc Commands
  7. Execute Ansible Ad-Hoc Commands
  1. Deep Dive Into Ansible Features
  2. Ansible Playbooks
  3. Configuration Of Ansible Playbooks
  4. Ansible Facts
  5. Ansible Package Manager
  1. Introduction
  2. Setup Simulated Environment – multiple linux servers
  3. Update hosts file
  4. Setup SSH – passwordless login
  5. Formatting hard drives
  6. Setup softwares – Java and Apache Web Server (HTTPD)
  7. Monitoring Servers using commands
  8. Configure Firewalls
  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of Server Automation tools
  3. Setup Simulated Environment
  4. Install and Validate Ansible
  5. Ansible Concepts and Architecture
  1. Getting Started
  2. Managing Storage – parted, filesystem and mount
  3. Installing Softwares – yum
  4. Managing Files and Directories – file
  5. Copy files to managed nodes and updating text files – synchronize and lineinfile
  6. Ansible Command and Limitations
  1. Introduction
  2. Setting up Kafka Cluster – Analysis
  3. Define Host Groups
  4. Create first Ansible Playbook
  5. Using loops in Ansible Playbook
  6. Setup Kafka using Ansible Playbook – Getting Started and Reset the environment
  7. Setup Kafka using Ansible Playbook – Common tasks using Playbook and extra-vars
  8. Setup Kafka using Ansible Playbook – Setup Zookeeper – Using vars and tags
  9. Setup Kafka using Ansible Playbook – Setup Zookeeper – Configure and Start
  10. Setup Kafka using Ansible Playbook – Setup Brokers and Client
  11. Setup Kafka using Ansible Playbook – Configure and Start Brokers

Current Offers

  • Bring a friend or colleague along and get flat 25% discount
  • Get flat 50% discount on group of minimum 5 or more

What else you get

  • Access to video recordings of every session
  • In-house and Online trainings on Live Projects
  • Hands-On experience with assignment and practical labs.
  • Access to Cloudzpoint forum for all technical discussion and career guidance.
  • Certification and interview preparation with mock interviews and placement support.
  • Profile preference given for requirements from our partners and clients.
  • Internship opportunities for cloud managed services