For Docker Aspirants

Docker Training Course

Course Offerred


Course Duration

20 hours

Fees Per Course

INR 7000


This Docker training is aligned with the Docker Certified Associate (DCA) and covers the fundamentals of Docker. You will be able to comprehend Docker and its role in the DevOps lifecycle; create images, containers, swarms, volumes, and networks; define Docker security client bundles and client-server authentication; and more.

Topics Covered

  1. Course Outline
  2. Introduction to Web Applications
  3. Demo: Creating Simple Web Application
  4. Forests of Servers
  5. Introducing Containers
  6. Introducing Docker
  7. Demo: Installing Docker on Linux
  8. Demo: Running Nginx webserver as a Container
  9. Quiz 1: Web Applications and Containers
  1. Stages of Containerization
  2. Architecture and Components of Docker
  3. A quick look at the format of Dockerfile
  4. Demo: Dockerfile – Fundamental Instructions
  5. Demo: Dockerfile – Configuration Instructions
  6. Demo: Dockerfile – Expose Instructions
  7. Demo: Containerizing application with Dockerfile
  8. Quiz 2: Quiz 2: Docker Architecture and Dockerfile
  1. Multi-container Applications
  2. Introduction to Container Networking Model and Docker Network Drivers
  3. Docker’s Native Network Drivers
  4. Demo: Working with Docker Networks
  5. Demo: Connect, Disconnect and Inspect Networks
  6. Quiz 4: Docker Networks Quiz
  1. Docker Storage and When to use it
  2. Demo: Working with Volumes | Create, List and Remove Volumes
  3. Demo: Mounting Volumes to Containers
  4. Quiz 5: Docker Storage Quiz
  1. Introduction to Docker Compose
  2. Demo: Installing Docker Compose on Linux
  3. Demo: Structure of Docker Compose file
  4. Demo: Running WordPress-MySQL using Docker Compose
  5. Demo: Docker Compose Command Line
  6. Quiz 6: Docker Compose Quiz
  1. Docker GUI with Kitematic
  1. Introduction to Docker Images
  2. Demo: A quick look at Docker Hub
  3. Demo: Working with Docker Images | Search, List, Push, Pull
  4. Demo: Know your Docker Image | Inspect and History
  5. Demo: Pruning and Removing Images
  6. A Container is born!
  7. Demo: Container Run Vs Create
  8. Demo: Working with Containers | Start, Stop and Rename
  9. Demo: Attach and execute commands on a running container
  10. Demo: Port Mapping on Containers
  11. Demo: Erasing Containers
  12. Quiz 3: Docker Images and Containers Quiz
  1. Introduction to Orchestration and Docker Swarm
  2. Can Swarm handle failure?
  3. Demo: Swarm Setup (Part 1) | Installing Virtualbox on Linux
  4. Demo: Swarm Setup (Part 2) | Installing Docker Machine
  5. Demo: Swarm Setup (Part 3) | Setting up Nodes
  6. Demo: Swarm Setup (Part 4) | Initializing Swarm
  7. Demo: Working with Swarm | List and Inspect Nodes
  8. Demo: Creating a Service on Swarm
  9. Demo: Draining a Node on Swarm
  10. Demo: Scaling and Updating Services on Swarm
  11. Quiz 7: Docker Swarm Quiz

Current Offers

  • Bring a friend or colleague along and get flat 25% discount
  • Get flat 50% discount on group of minimum 5 or more

What else you get

  • Access to video recordings of every session
  • In-house and Online trainings on Live Projects
  • Hands-On experience with assignment and practical labs.
  • Access to Cloudzpoint forum for all technical discussion and career guidance.
  • Certification and interview preparation with mock interviews and placement support.
  • Profile preference given for requirements from our partners and clients.
  • Internship opportunities for cloud managed services